Grandmother’s Hands

I’ve been thinking quite a bit about hands lately. It seems like an odd topic, doesn’t it? Truly, they are pretty remarkable pieces of creation and the Bible refers to hands in so many ways.
In the Old Testament, when Moses’ hands were lifted up the Israelites kept winning the battle against the Amalekites. Isaac blessed his sons, Esau and Jacob, by laying hands on them. In 1Kings, Solomon spread his hands and lifted them toward the heavens as the temple was dedicated. In Psalm 134 David implores his fellow Israelites to lift their hands in holy praise to God and in the New Testament believers are encouraged to lift their hands in prayer.
Through our hands we have the ability to communicate love and care. I remember my Grandmother’s hands. When she was visiting our home, she would come upstairs to say good night to me and my siblings. She would sit by our side and scratch our backs. We would beg her to not stop and she would patiently sit and keep scratching. It was a relatively simple gesture, yet one I so fondly remember and one that communicated love. She wasn’t a wealthy woman – she didn’t buy us many gifts, but with her hands she knit us mittens, made old-fashioned donuts, repaired torn clothes and lovingly held us.
I have decided that I also want my hands to be instruments of God’s love. I know I can do that in many ways – through a kind touch, by cooking a dinner for someone in need, by writing an encouraging note, or simply by scratching my grandchildren’s backs. And, by doing so, I hope that others can feel the marvelous love of the Lord.
Have a good week,