Just Hanging Out

Castle Extraordinaire

It does not seem that long ago when my children were small that I remember my daddy saying “Just give them the boxes.  Those are the best toys!”   Once again Father does know best.  Recently my three granddaughters were here for a visit over spring break.  Unfortunately it was cold and rainy greatly limiting our time outside.  So what to do?

It just so happened that I had been by the Sears Appliance Outlet and garnered a large appliance box.  You just never know when such things might come in handy (Wink! Wink!).  The girls’ assignment was to come up with something creative out of this cardboard box.  And did they ever!

A castle extraordinaire (at least to this grandmother)!  I helped them cut, cover with freezer paper (what do you REALLY do with freezer paper?), and paint.  Each girl took a side, and I helped Jane my four-year old granddaughter.  One painter was very deliberate in her style, while another was quite the Jackson Pollack, requiring a little more supervision with airborne paint.  As we painted we talked about all kinds of things–their favorite colors, animals, art lessons, etc.  Our family calls times like these “just hanging out”. Before we knew it the afternoon was gone.

My granddaughters are gone now, back to their home in Memphis.  The house is quiet, but there is the most wonderful castle in our basement.  I’m thinking about going back to the Sears Appliance Outlet and getting two more large appliance boxes.  We could connect them; one for each granddaughter. Sort of a “Castle Condo” decor.  Wonder what they will do with that?  🙂

Delight in your grandchildren this week.





“Grandcamp” Adventures


This week is an adventure!  We arranged for our four-year-old grandson who lives in another state to come have “Grandcamp” this week. It’s his first venture away from his parents for several days, and our (my husband and my) first venture to have a grandson in our house for multiple days without his parents.  Now understand this has been dreamed of and planned for several months!

A few weeks ago I started taking notes about the things that would entertain him. I asked myself all the reasonable questions: What could we do?  Where could we go?  What did I want to see accomplished during this time here?  How much energy and effort would it take? I had no idea!

The transition to our car was easy and uneventful, except my thoughts of, What have I gotten us into?.  Our plan for Day One was to be “play day” for the grandson and our almost two-year-old granddaughter!  Was I crazy?  Probably, but it sounded like a fun idea—and it was.  They dearly love each other and the day was filled with puzzles, songs, food (snacks every two hours), picking peas in the garden, checking out the squash and tomatoes, and then nap/quiet time.

The crowning touch was letting the chickens outside the hen house; then the fun began.  The grandson loved chasing the chickens and several of them actually allowed him to pet them.  But one of the roosters had a different idea.

The rooster decided to chase toward the little people and looked pretty determined to have his fill of stirring up trouble.  The meltdown of the day began with the grandson.  REAL TEARS!  REAL FRIGHT!  So, Nana went intervened while holding two-year-old granddaughter.

The rooster had the head down/charge ahead look!  So, I grabbed a rake and determined to ward him off from my frightened grands.  He did turn away after a solid swat from the rake.

So, it’s gone on and on. Grandson can hardly stop talking about the rooster chasing him.  But, we’ve been back outside playing with the chickens again, picking flowers, and talking about all the wonders God has created.

We’ve talked a lot about how God gives us the confidence to face hard situations—even if it is a rooster chasing us.

What a precious time we’re having together: the bonds of family time and focused attention.  What a treasure!


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