Grand Moments

In our book, My Grandmother Is. . . praying for me, we have included an application with each proverb and prayer.  These ideas have been helpful, but lately I have been thinking I would like to do something more with my ten year old granddaughter, Mary Chase.  The answer came in the form of an announcement at our church about the Very Special Bible School (VsBS) to be held in July. This is a three day Bible school for children with special needs and their siblings.  What a great way to serve these children and their parents, I thought.  But would my granddaughter think so?

I broached the idea with Mary Chase’s mom (my daughter) and Mary Chase.  At first she seemed a little apprehensive.  She had several questons about people with disabilities, i.e. what do they look like? how do they act?, etc.  After assuring her that these children needed what all children need–much love and attention, she agreed to come.

Wearing our new T shirts she and I set off for our first day.  What enthusiasm and excitement that first morning, first with the volunteers and then with the children!  It was obvious everybody was glad to be there!!  I was especially impressed with the children and teenagers who had volunteered to be buddies for the attendees.  This job required a lot of responsibility.   The buddies had to remain with their child, always attentive for any medical or safety issues, make sure he/she participated in the activity, and received a snack.

Mary Chase and I received our job assignments.  My job was team leader for the “Yellow Team” which meant I had to make sure everyone arrived on time to each activity.  Mary Chase was a helper for the “Craft Team”.  Her main focus was offering help to make the crafts if a child found it too difficult.

And so it went from 8:00 to 12:00 each day for three very busy days.  Mary Chase and I were tired at the end of each day, but were amazed how fast the time passed.  Before we realized it the three days were over.  Seeing the delight in the faces of these children and their parents was definitely a highlight of the whole Bible school experience.

Mary Chase seemed to like it, but did she really?  As we were leaving the church that last morning and driving back to her home several hours away, I asked her what she really thought?  “It was good, she said.  In fact, next year I want to be a buddy!!”  🙂

Aren’t Grandchildren GRAND?!!




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