Speaking Opportunities

Invite us to speak at your next function. We are passionate about the topic of praying for our grandchildren, of course. But we also available for other topics.




1. Impacting the Next Generations Through Prayer

~ We truly want you to leave here today with a new fire, a new passion, to pray for this next generation.  We want God to start a movement in this country – and beyond – a movement of prayer that is designed to equip, build, strengthen and spiritually deepen young people.

~ What might God be calling you, be calling me, to do to encourage the generations coming behind us?

2. Strengthening Families by Embracing Our Stories

~ God may be using our stories to preserve, sustain or demonstrate His great love for His people.  Indeed, He knows how our lives will impact and affect the generations to come.

~ We are not meant to live out our stories alone!  One of the most prominent themes in the Bible is community.  We need companions for our journey.

3. Living a Life of Intentionality

~ Have you ever considered writing a mission statement for your role as a grandparent?  A missions statement is simply a statement of purpose that guides our actions.

~ Have you ever considered that sometimes the messy, difficult and painful process of relationships may be the very means by which God intends to accomplish His work?



A heart felt message and new favorite book:

“We loved having the praying grandmothers, Kathryn, Pam and Susan share their heart felt message at our women’s ministry  luncheon. Their book, My Grandmother is…praying for me is a daily encouragement for mothers and grandmothers to pray for the next generation.  My favorite book to give to new grandmothers!”

Barbara Collins, Director of Women’s Ministry, Independent Presbyterian Church, Memphis, TN

Warm, winsome and wise women are a popular seminar:

As the grandmother of six covenant children, meeting the “Grandmothers’, Kathy, Pam, and Susan, was a delight for me.  I found that we share the same heartbeat for our children’s children.  They are warm, winsome, and wise women whose passion led them to study and author a book, a prayerful and creative devotional.

In CEP’s ministry to PCA Women, we have been privileged to engage their giftedness and godly wisdom in several key seminar opportunities.  At the annual Leadership Training Conference and most recently, the Amazing Grace 360 International Conference, the journey of these three grandmothers was a popular seminar choice for women desiring to be encouraged to invest in the hearts and lives of the next generation.

Look for opportunities to invite them to your local church!  Read and pass on the book to others!

Jane Patete, Coordinator of Women’s Ministries, Presbyterian Church in America

Different, diverse and delightful presentations:

The speaking presentation by the Three Grandmothers applies to anyone who has a child in their life, not just mothers and grandmothers. At our conference, we were reminded of the power of prayer in the life of a young person, and that God is the Author of our life stories.  They each spoke and their presentations were different, diverse, and delightful.

Laura Wood, Women’s Ministries, Covenant Presbyterian Church, Cleveland, MS