Praying together for our Grandchildren

Last Friday night we three Grandmothers and our husbands got together to pray for our grandchildren.  The idea came about after we heard from the Christian Grandparenting Network that they were promoting a day of prayer on the Hallmark Holiday of Grandparent’s Day – September 11th this year.  They were encouraging grandparents across the world to unite in prayer for their families.   However, on that particular day, the three of us were scattered across the country and couldn’t physically be together to pray, so we decided on an alternate day.

We made it a festive occasion having a great fellowship and dinner time, as well as praying.  In order to help us pray more specifically, Susan had cut colorful circles out of construction paper and on each circle placed the name of one grandchild.  We drew names out of a hat.  We grandparents shared a bit about the needs of each grandchild so that the prayers could be targeted to special concerns.  We then took turns laying the concerns for these sweet children in the Lord’s hands and asking Him to meet their needs.  It was a meaningful time for all of us, but it was especially sweet as we recognized that our desire and passion to become intentional about influencing the lives of our grandchildren through prayer was becoming a reality.

Before we had written our book, My Grandmother is…praying for me, and before we started discussing the best ways to be involved with our grandchildren, I’m not sure we would have even thought of getting together to pray. However, this book and our time together have helped us to focus our activities and thoughts and be deliberate about our actions.   One thing I have also tried to do is to tell my grandgirls that I am praying for them – for them to have good friends at school, to be healthy, to have a good teacher, to learn more about our Lord…  They may not understand the significance of those words now, but hopefully they will always remember that they have a praying grandmother and that it is the Lord who sustains and directs them in difficult times.

Have a great week,



  1. Andrea K. says:

    Wow! What a blessing to know that you were all praying for my children. Thank you.

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