Planting a Garden

I’ve been thinking about legacy frequently as I have had the opportunity to share some time with the little people in my life.

One of the things we recently did was plant a bulb garden that we are calling “Piper & Lainey’s garden.” To begin the process, we put on our gardening gloves, grabbed our supplies and headed to the yard. Piper, the oldest child, figured out a pattern for the different sized bulbs and designed the layout. I dug the holes and the girls placed the bulbs into the dirt in a variety of ways – sideways, upside down, and right side up – and we eventually finished the planting. This was a tremendously fun way to share what has meant so much to my life, the simple gift of planting and then anticipating what might come….even if we are months away from reaping the bounty of beauty!

We, as grandparents, have a particular calling to share faithfully who God has called us to be. I just pray that all of our grandchildren will catch a glimpse of who God is in our lives. He is The One who redeems everything! Even bulbs planted upside down!

Blessings on your week.


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