My Grandmother Is…Praying for Me: The Book

My Grandmother Is book cover

Concerned grandparents want their grandchildren to know His Word for themselves—and there is no better way for this to happen than to pray to the Author of all wisdom. Here is a yearlong, day-by-day guide for grandmothers not only to pray for the godly character development of their grandchildren, but also to teach them to apply His Word to their lives.

Layout of the Book

Each day’s entry contains:

  • A verse from Proverbs, the book of wisdom
  • A prayer specific to the day’s verse
  • An activity helping grandmothers and grandchildren to interact in a practical application of the verse’s truth.

Use the thoughtful prayers of these three concerned grandmothers to guide you as you pray for your own grandchildren, and take comfort in knowing that praying for your grandchildren’s growth is a uniquely Christlike thing to do—one that will not fail to bring them nearer to the wisdom of God, Christ himself.

Take a Closer Look

The second edition is available from our new publisher, P&R Publishing.

 The inspiration for the book

In the following video we discuss our inspiration for the book and our hearts for the next generation.