Missing Our Friend

SusanThis post has been very difficult for us to write.  On January 31, 2018 our dear friend, and co-author, Susan Kelton, passed away after a 2-year battle with colon cancer.  Her last months were a great testimony to her unwavering faith, grateful spirit, and hope of heaven.  Whenever we would ask how she was, her reply was, “I’m grateful.”  We never heard a word of complaint, even as we watched her struggle through chemotherapy, pain, and a weakening body.  Her intent in the last years of her life was to leave a legacy of faith, and faithfulness to her God.  We believe that she has done that in a significant way. Her involvement in the Giving Circle and other local ministries was a testimony to her desire to have impact for the Kingdom.  But more significantly, her love and care for her husband, children and grandchildren demonstrated a desire to live as Jesus would have – fully embracing every opportunity to love and serve unconditionally.  Susan also, of course, greatly impacted our lives. We have wonderful, fun memories of writing our book together, speaking together for women’s events and conferences, praying together for our children and grandchildren, and just laughing (and crying) over the daily occurrences in life.  We often sat around “Susan’s table” just living life together.  Although our life on earth will not be the same without her, we also have the hope of heaven, and the knowledge that we will one day be together again because of our common bond of faith in the work of salvation that Jesus completed on the cross.  Susan would want us all to carry on the work of the kingdom with the knowledge that life on this earth is short, and that an eternity in glory awaits those who accept the love and forgiveness God gives through His son, Jesus Christ.  To God be the glory in all that we do. 

Pam and Kathy

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