Making Memories

Making Memories on The SwingFrom Pam

My granddaughters definitely take after their mother, my daughter, and love to swing.  I am teaching them the same poem I taught their mother, The Swing by Robert Louis Stevenson.  How special that I can share something as ordinary as swinging and make it a family tradition for the next generation!



Making Memories GrandcampFrom Kathy

Grandcamp at our house last summer was great fun!  The theme for the week was “Animals in the Bible” and we talked about Noah’s ark, Balaam the donkey, the industrious ants from the book of Proverbs, and the monkeys and apes that were brought as a gift to King Solomon in I Kings 10.  We visited the Nashville zoo, went horseback riding, to Monkey Joes (a local bounce center) and watched the ants in the backyard as well as worked on a myriad of craft projects.  This year the focus of Grandcamp is going to be children in the Bible and all of us are excited about spending the week together.


From Susan

chickensWhen I was a child my father had a hatchery and I frequently played with the baby chicks.  Later, a few of those chicks became the backyard producers of fresh eggs for our family.  After I was married, our family moved to a farm and we built a chicken house and started the process of raising baby chicks.  Our boys were involved with 4-H and engaged with the chicken project.  And, of course, the chickens produced eggs which had wonderful, deep orange yolks.  And, now, as our grandchildren come for visits, we again visit the chicken house.  We collect eggs, chase the chickens, corral the chickens, and eat fresh eggs from the girls.  The legacy lives on.