A Legacy of Faith

A decision that was made this past week seems momentous to me. We agreed on a sale price for my parent’s house. The house has been empty of occupants for almost a year now; my mother passed away last December and my father two years prior to that. However, it took months of cleaning, sorting, throwing, saving, designating and giving away to go through the accumulations of a 60-year marriage. Each of my siblings and I had items that held special meaning to us. One of my brothers wanted a mirror that my mother had fashioned to the inside of an old saddle, another wanted an antique clock whose chimes rang each and every hour, and I had my heart set on some family china that we used for every holiday gathering. As my siblings and I walked through the house together, however, it no longer seemed like home. The stuff was still there, but the love that had permeated the rooms had vanquished.
As I look around at the “stuff” I’ve gathered in my own home, I realize that’s just what it is. I know my children and grandchildren might treasure some of it when I’m no longer here, but that stuff is not the legacy I want to leave. When I’m no longer living, I want my family to miss my unconditional love, my listening ear, my encouraging spirit, and my unwavering faith.
Really, I think legacy is a collection of the stories of our life. It’s a reflection of how we handled life’s challenges, how we made a difference in the lives of others, what we did with our money, how we treated friends and family, and how we lived our priorities. It’s the stories of how the Lord has used us and molded us. Hopefully, we can each “live” beyond our lifetime, by leaving a true legacy of faith.
Have a great week,

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