Heading back to Kindergarten

This past week we were in Virginia celebrating Thanksgiving with my daughter, her husband, and their three girls.  My oldest granddaughter, Katie, is now a kindergartener and she had to attend school for the first three days of Thanksgiving week.  On Monday mornings, my daughter volunteers in Katie’s art class as “the parent assistant.”  Last Monday, I was graciously asked if I also wanted to volunteer and thus, excitedly, became “the grandparent assistant.”  It had been many years since I had been with a class of kindergarteners and it was fun!  The subject of the day was sculpture and the children used a toy called “Toobers and Zotz” to build their own structures and designs.  There was an animated discussion about a two-dimensional art piece vs. a three-dimensional art piece.  All this in kindergarten!

As I looked around at Katie’s classmates, I was struck by the diversity.  There must have been students from at least 10 different ethnicities.  There were students of all different complexions – from snowy white to deep brown – as well as different sizes and shapes.  It reminded me a bit of what heaven will be like.  These students were together with a united purpose – to enjoy the class – to learn, to appreciate the teacher and have fun together.  In heaven, believers of all ethnicities and all diversities will come together with a united purpose – to glorify God and enjoy His presence and the presence of other believers.  As we get bogged down in the busyness of this season, I hope that we can all keep an eternal perspective – the gifts we give and receive may be meaningful and fun, but they are temporal.  The greatest gift we can give is to share the love of Christ and His message of salvation this Christmas season. 

Have a great week,



  1. I remember enjoying the blend when we lived in JA in the ’70’s…and later in Miami, FL. It was such an international place to live. We enjoyed it thoroughly. Then God called us to TX. Where we are here is less diverse…by a long shot. it is also more diverse now that it once was. i love having a mix of people with different backgrounds. it makes getting together interesting. we learn new things all the time!
    hope you have a wonderful Christmas season:)

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