A Bible to Treasure


On a recent trip to visit my sister she shared a treasure that brought tears to my eyes; she shared our grandmother’s Bible from the late 1800s. I hadn’t known that this Bible even existed, so I was eager to open the pages. As I opened the first few pages there before me was a family tree – going back to 1885 when my grandparents married, then listing the birthdates of each of their nine children, then the dates of the children’s marriages and their spouse names.

As I started turning the pages of the scriptures, underlined verses with dates written beside them jumped out at me. My grandmother, who taught me how to sew when I was only five years old, and taught me how to cut French fries, and allowed me to cook beside her, was a praying, Bible believing grandmother! What an incredible legacy!

What I’m pondering is what my great-great grandchildren might find 130 years from now – what is the legacy for them? I know my grandchildren are learning about cooking, we do that quite often. But what of the spiritual legacy I so desire for them to experience? Will they be able to look at an old Bible and see a legacy of praying and walking in faith? I pray so!


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