Even the most bizarre

Every month we receive the Vanderbilt University Medical Center Newsletter which is “chock-full” of great information and encouragements to get and stay healthy.  Last month, however, there was a humorous addition citing some new billing codes that doctors are allowed to use when submitting claims for treating patients:

V91.07XA:    Burn due to water-skis on fire, initial encounter

W5922XA:   Struck by a turtle

W6133XA:   Being pecked by a chicken, initial encounter

V9542XA:    Spacecraft crash injuring occupant

V97.33XD:   Sucked into jet engine, subsequent encounter

There are many unusual circumstances that can and do happen in our lives, and, I am grateful that our hospitals are ready and willing to treat them all!  However, it is more reassuring to me to know that our God is sovereign and that everything, even the most seemingly bizarre, is under his control and power.  Nothing is out of the reach of our Lord.  Have a great week and keep on praying,


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