Calm in the midst of the storm

A few days ago one of the Kelton families called to say “have you ever seen a rabbits burough in the middle of the garden?”  “No, I never have but would be most interested to do so.”

So, off I went to investigate the whereabouts of the rabbits nest.  Sure enough, there it was in a slight dug out area of the garden that had reinforced fencing around the gardent to keep the rabbits out!  As I looked more closely under the sticks and leaves there were the baby rabbits – not 6″ away from the squash, tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers!  And as the day progressed the mother rabbit came through the fortified fencing to nurse those baby rabbits and then scooted on out and back to the daylilly patch at the back of the yard.

This has intrigued me and caused me to reflect on the lesson observed.  Why would the mother rabbit build her “nest” in the middle of the garden?  Particularly when it was not supposed to allow any little critters in it…it really is fortified!  That is probably the most “safe” place her babies could be….they are protected from other predators, the gardeners-once they discovered the babies-surely would not disturb the babies but just let them nest.  There’s a certain calm in the midst of the garden. 

My take away – God places us under His watchful eye even in the midst of the storms circulating in our lives. He cares for and protects us.  Nothing escapes His intended purpose.  I’m grateful for the lessons observed!



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