The call to stewardship

This past week I taught about Eve in our church’s women’s Bible study. Although I felt very familiar with the story, I was surprised at all I learned while preparing to teach. Adam and Eve’s sole responsibility was to care for the Garden of Eden. They were to be stewards of God’s gifts to them. This month in our book, My Grandmother is…praying for me, we are praying that our grandchildren will become good stewards of all their possessions – physical, intellectual and spiritual.
The Garden of Eden, before sin entered the world, was a place of perfect contentment. There were no disasters, no destruction, and no pests. Each day Adam and Eve could joyfully work the soil and care for the animals while surrounded by the presence of God, who the Bible says “walked in the Garden.” But after “the fall” it took effort to care both for the land and for relationships. The results of the fall affect us, as well, because being stewards of God’s gifts continues to take hard work and intentionality. As grandparents, we need to help our grandchildren see the bigger vision and purpose of stewardship. It is a service to God, it supports our spiritual development, and it is also a blessing to those around us. As we care for our environment, tend to our spiritual growth, and build relationships filled with love and grace, God will be glorified. As Christians, we know that the Garden of Eden is a picture of the heavenly home that God has prepared for us. There will come a time again when working will only be joyful and all relationships will be secure in God’s love. Until that time, let’s commit to serving together and passing on a legacy of faithful stewardship.
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