A New Year Begins

What are your thoughts as you look forward to the beginning of 2017? Are you excited and hopeful for a new beginning or anxious and fearful of what lies ahead?   As you reflect on this past year, are your memories sweet and happy or does your heart ache remembering the unexpected sorrow and sadness?  Whatever the case I hope you will be encouraged as I share this snippet from The Valley of Vision which spoke to my heart.

          . . . Thy goodness has been with me during another year, leading me through wilderness, in retreat helping me to advance, when beaten back making sure headway.  Thy goodness will be with me in the year ahead; I hoist sail and draw up anchor, with thee as the blessed Pilot of my future as of my past. . .

While none of us knows what the future year holds, we do know the One who determines the future.  And we do know His promise that He will never leave nor forsake us.  Armed with this really good news, let’s move forward with courage and hope into this new year.

Have a Happy and Blessed 2017!!




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