Another year, another Grandcamp!  For the sixth year, we had Grandcamp at our house.  This theme this year was “farming.”  My husband has a new interest in gardening and has turned part of some unuseGrandcamp 1d space in the garage into an aquaponics center.  He’s not been overly successful in harvesting a variety of crops, but we have had some great lettuce and spinach.  So, we decided to teach our grandchildren a bit about gardening and farming.  Our activities outside were limited because of the heat, but the grandgirls did plant some edamame, water our church garden, shop at the farmer’s market, and pick blueberries, corn, tomatoes and blackberries at a local farm.  Inside, we read books on farming, discussed the history of farming, the challenges of farming and how inventions have changed farming.  Much of the information was new to me, so I was learning right along with the girls.  We made animal puppets and had a farm puppet show. We also decorated canning jars and whipped up some blueberry jam and refrigerator pickles.  It was a busy and fun week!

I love the tradition of Grandcamp.  Honestly, it’s quite a bit of work and planning, but the rewards are worth it.  Knowing that the girls love to come makes it worthwhile.  Although none of our grandchildren live close to us, I’m grateful that the Lord gives us this opportunity to love them in a unique and fun way.  I’m already thinking about what Grandcamp #7 is going to involve!

Blessings to you,



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