Valentine Reflections


heartsValentine’s Day has come and gone again.  Although I always like to remember my family with small gifts on Valentine’s Day, the idea of shopping for presents again so soon after Christmas is always a bit overwhelming.  So, many years ago, I standardized the process a bit and decided that I would give each person three items: a book to read, something red to wear, and a bit of chocolate.  That has really smoothed the process for me and actually allows me to gather presents throughout the year – clothing that’s on sale, books that are being discounted – they all go into my “present’s drawer” for future use.

On Valentine’s Day, when I was praying the prayer for our grandchildren found in our book, My Grandmother is…praying for me, I almost wished we had written something specifically about love.  Our theme and focus for the month of February is “Teachable” so the scripture and prayer on February 14th relates to listening and responding to godly instruction.  Upon reflection, however, I realized that God’s desire to have us learn from His Word and listen to His instructions, is indeed a reflection of His love for us.  Without the physical, spiritual and moral guidance of the Scriptures, without knowing that we need to draw near to Him, we would not be able to understand the love of God.  One of the most comforting verses of the New Testament, to me, is found in 1 John 4:18 – “perfect love casts out fear.”  As we grow in our understanding of God’s perfect love, we don’t need to fear anything in our lives – knowing that we can trust Him, walk with Him, and rest in His love – should bring us a great calm and peace.

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