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We truly want attendees to leave with a new fire, a new passion, to pray for this next generation. We want God to start a movement in this country - and beyond - a movement of prayer that is designed to equip, build, strengthen and spiritually deepen young people.

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"The journey of these three grandmothers was a popular seminar choice for women desiring to be encouraged to invest in the hearts and lives of the next generation."

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Making Memories

We are praying for and making memories with our Grandchildren. Join us as we share our experiences of creating special moments with our loved ones.

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Inspiration for the Book

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Listen in as we talk about our inspiration for the book. Learn more about our hearts desire to play a positive role in the lives of our grandchildren.

Excerpts from our Blog

Missing Our Friend

This post has been very difficult for us to write.  On January 31, 2018 our dear friend, and co-author, Susan Kelton, passed away after a 2-year battle with colon cancer.  Her last months were a great testimony to her unwavering faith, grateful … [Read More...]

A New Year Begins

What are your thoughts as you look forward to the beginning of 2017? Are you excited and hopeful for a new beginning or anxious and fearful of what lies ahead?   As you reflect on this past year, are your memories sweet and happy or does your heart … [Read More...]