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We truly want attendees to leave with a new fire, a new passion, to pray for this next generation. We want God to start a movement in this country - and beyond - a movement of prayer that is designed to equip, build, strengthen and spiritually deepen young people.

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"The journey of these three grandmothers was a popular seminar choice for women desiring to be encouraged to invest in the hearts and lives of the next generation."

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Making Memories

We are praying for and making memories with our Grandchildren. Join us as we share our experiences of creating special moments with our loved ones.

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Inspiration for the Book

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Listen in as we talk about our inspiration for the book. Learn more about our hearts desire to play a positive role in the lives of our grandchildren.

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Grand Moments

In our book, My Grandmother Is. . . praying for me, we have included an application with each proverb and prayer.  These ideas have been helpful, but lately I have been thinking I would like to do something more with my ten year old granddaughter, … [Read More...]



My father’s family is originally from the Westfield, Massachusetts area.  When I was growing up in Minnesota we would take trips “back east” to visit the family homestead.  I remember running through the rooms of this large rambling home, sliding … [Read More...]